Floris Van Bommel shoes shop in Antwerp. Use of luxury and natural materials. Rosewood was used in the large counter, product display units and floor. A brown leather tile wall behind the counter refers to the Van Bommel shoes.A high gloss white staircase leads customers to a black box, with black padded leather wall tiles on the outside and shiny black glass mosaic tiles on the inside. This box was claimed by Floris, showing his more modern shoe range in the minimal yet luxury atmosphere. Going up the staircase, customers pass a high white stone strip wall that serves as an endless product display wall. The rougher look of this wall is in contrast with the cleaner black and white lacquered glass walls in the rest of the store. Focal point of the Van Bommel shop is a large light sculpture. It curls from the rosewood counter, through the Floris box to the back of the store. To encourage curiosity, different floor levels were put on the ground floor. This, as well as the light sculpture, leads the customer through the shop.All in all, the shop was formed using modern ideas and traditional materials: combining the youthful thoughts of Floris Van Bommel with the tradition of the family business.

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